The services offered by our church are listed in the table below. To view our church's weekly Divine Liturgies, please click here.

 Βαπτίσεις Baptisms
 Γάμοι Weddings
 Κηδείες Funerals
 Μνημόσυνα Memorials
 Εορτές Saints Celebrations

Fr. Nicholas, our priest in charge, is a "pnevmatikos" (spiritual father), i.e. authorised to hear confessions. He is generally available on Satudays from early afternoon onwards, but an appointment is recommended.

For house blessings, churching of babies, bringing Holy Communion to the sick and homebound and visiting the grave of a loved one in a nearby cemetery, please ring to make an appointment and get further instructions or speak to the priest in charge or a member of the Church Committee after the service.

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